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A history of residential services for individuals with disabilities

Residential Opportunities Inc., has a long tradition of providing services to individuals with disabilities. With the aim creating strong community connections for the individuals we serve, we have maintained a firm commitment to our mission since 1978. In that time, we have had the opportunity to work with countless individuals who have expressed their gratitude for the services that we provide. Below, you will find a selection of testimonials from employees, as well as the individuals and families of the individuals we serve.

The time my brother spent at ROI was wonderful. The team of people there are just amazing and felt like family to us. We will always feel that way.
Terry Dawson
You allowed us to be a family again.
Jessica Macaulay
Different is not less. Different is beautiful. Different is me.
Brian, Julie, and Reagan Calley
My daughter is now sixty-six and I am eighty-six. I don't have to worry about her happiness when I'm gone. We wanted the best for our daughter and ROI is it.
Patricia Hageman
I continue to feel healthy, and I feel much better since I lived here.
People with autism are not a problem to be solved. They are talented and passionate people who have hopes and dreams and aspirations of their own. Given the proper support, and a chance, they will enrich our world.
Julie Calley