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Leadership team at Residential Opportunities, Inc.

ROI employs more than 440 individuals in a variety of positions. Our teams are overseen by our CEO, COO and CFO and are led by highly qualified Program Directors. To those we serve, our staff members are more than assistants and caregivers. They are friends, companions, confidantes and a constant source of inspiration.

Scott Schrum
Chief Executive Officer
Becky Lopez
Chief Operating Officer
Kristi Watson
Chief Financial Officer
Susan Clayborn
Program Director
Doug King
Program Director
Tara Cyrocki
Program Director
Tom Ihling
Director of Properties
Jules Isenberg-Wedel
Director of Human Resources
Dr. Jeana Koerber
Executive Director of Autism Services
Calvin Gage
Clinical Director of Autism Services


ROI’s programs and services are guided by a diverse team of community members with a vested interest in personal growth, inclusion, and increased independence for individuals with disabilities. Our board approves business decisions and works to promote the interests of the individuals we serve.

Dawnanne Hinman

Jon Baker

Jennifer Nemecek

John Bradshaw

Jim Rodbard
Past President


Dana Boyd
Ron Cisler
Grace Lubwama
Terry Morrow
Price Pullins
Dave Schnelker
Kahler Schuemann
Katie Stryker-Clark
Angela Telfer
Adam Wall
Allan Wilke
Jennifer Wu