Health Insurance

If your child or young adult is eligible for SSI, he/she is automatically eligible for Medicaid as well. You can pick up an application at the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) by calling 269-337-4900 or visiting them at 322 Stockbridge, Kalamazoo. Relevant information can also be found on their website under the section labeled "assistance." Your child will be assigned a caseworker with DHS. If you currently have your child covered under your insurance, you might be able to continue to do this and Medicaid could be a secondary insurance. It would be a good idea for you to check with your insurance carrier about how long they would let you carry your child on your medical insurance. Medicaid will pay for most medical appointments, hospitalizations, therapies, adult diapers and medications. You will need to get prescriptions from your child's MD for these items. Your child may also have a co-pay. If your child takes over-the-counter medications, they may not be covered by Medicaid.