Living Arrangements

I'm making this a separate section in this document because it can be the most complex. The most staffing an individual would be eligible for in supported living in Kalamazoo County would be 12 hours of care per day. I decided to have a roommate with Max (who also qualified for 12 hours due to the high intensity of his needs), in order to have 24 hour staffing in the home, when they are not in school. Not every child will need 12 hours of care, some can be home safely without staff there. I've also seen arrangements where an adult sibling stays with a brother or sister with a disability at night, but then staff comes in during the day. When it comes to planning this next stage in your child's life, you can be quite creative! There is a program called "Self Determination" that allows you to sit down with a KCMHSAS staff person to talk about options. You can reach them directly at 269-553-8089. You can think about having your child live in subsidized housing, either with or without a roommate. Typically, even subsidized housing is not affordable for a single person with SSI as their only or primary income. There are some apartment complexes in Kalamazoo and Portage that are subsidized. For more information about subsidized housing, please contact ROI's Tom Ihling via phone at 269-250-8225 or email him. You can also reach out to Ben Hoxey via phone at 269-250-8230 or email him.

You could also explore having your child live in a specialized residential home (licensed adult foster care home), funded through KCMHSAS. ROI has 18 group homes in Kalamazoo County. Many of the homes allow each individual to have his or her own bedroom. Another option is called a supported living arrangement. In this arrangement, the individual could rent an apartment, live in a duplex or the family could purchase or rent a home for their loved one. Staffing can be brought to the home to provide necessary supports for them to live in whatever environment they chose. Again, they may need a roommate if they need more than 12 hours of care.