Home in the Future

This is probably the most challenging step for parents: deciding whether your child will continue to live with you. If you or your child should decide to pursue a new, separate living arrangement, what kind of supports will your child need – will you need – to make it work? Would you like them to rent an apartment, part of a duplex, a room in a house? There are also adult foster care homes and specialized residential group homes that are for individuals who need quite a bit of support and help. In the group homes, there is 24-hour care. However, your child might also qualify for 24-hour care in a rented home with a roommate who also qualifies for care. There are many options and many decisions to be made.

With live-in support, funding comes from KCMHSAS (Medicaid) dollars and the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS). KCMHSAS manages these funds. This is what pays for the staffing to care for your child in whatever living arrangement you, your child and your "team" decide on. Also, if your child has medical issues and qualifies for nursing services, there are a number of nursing agencies that provide in-home care, whatever your child's living situation may be. KCMHSAS will develop a budget for your child and you will get a copy of this budget during your annual person-centered planning meeting, outlining funds received and their allotted purposes. The Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse website can be found here.